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History of Thai Auto Pats Aftermarket Association (TAPAA)

Thai Auto Parts Aftermarket Association : TAPAA pronounced Ta Pa was established on July 23, 2009. The association’s office is located on Worajak Road intersection which is related to the widely known automotive parts commercial district.

Cause of Establishment of the Association
It is acknowledged in the international trading arena that Thai automotive replacement parts are demanded from various countries around the world because of high quality products and an affordable price. Seen from the export amount of automotive replacement parts are increased every year.

After a change in management policy, many closed countries turn to opening ones and trade freely under the government support. The form of competition in an auto parts market as well as consumer goods and other types of businesses are changed; as a result, the competition is in high level. Moreover, there are changes in consumers’ purchasing behavior from considering the product quality into product prices.

The changes make Thai entrepreneurs who do businesses related to automotive replacement parts begin to gather for exhibition abroad. The purpose is to show the high quality products produced from Thai manufacturers. Gathering often leads to interchange knowledge and experiences among members in a group; as a result, there is an idea to gather a group correctly and suitably in order to widely distribute information, privileges, and knowledge experiences through Thai entrepreneurs.

Association’s Brand Mark
A cog symbolizes machine gears necessary for all types of machinery operation.
A car picture stands for a business related to automotive replacement parts among members.

So the meaning of the Association’s brand mark implies that volunteer association will act a duty to coordinate among different parts of businesses and to drive an automotive replacement parts industry among Thai entrepreneurs smoothly without obstacles under the same objective.

Objectives and main activities of Thai Auto Parts Aftermarket Association

  1. To be a communication center and to help support members to improve auto parts enterprises under the Association’s request objective.
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  3. To monitor and track the movement of local and international market relevant to products manufactured by members, and to be useful for trade, finance or economic stability of the country.
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  5. To make a research about enterprises under the Association’s request objective, and to exchange knowledge and distribute technical and commercial information to members also.
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  7. To require statistic, documents, or any information about enterprises from members by the consent and under the Association’s request objective.
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  9. To enhance the quality of goods produced or sold by members to get standard as well as to make a research and to improve methods of production and trading to be more effective.
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  11. To cooperate with the government in promoting commerce, industry, finance, or any other businesses under the Association’s request objective.
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  13. To promote the production in order to have products adequate for the needs of both local and international markets
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  15. To make an agreement or practice for members to do or refrain in order to drive members’ enterprises smoothly and successfully under the Association’s request objective.
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  17. To conciliate disputes among members in the Association or among members and third party enterprises.
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  19. To cooperate among members to protect the interests of Thai entrepreneurs and consumers.
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Operation today
At present the association has over 50 members. The role of participating in the local and international exhibitions as well as to attend technical meetings to help develop an auto parts industry lead to the reputation of the Association known more widely to outsiders. In terms of the operation, the monthly meeting is held for the Management Committee as well as a General Meeting once a year; so that, all members have the opportunity to meet and socialize in order to know each other. It also informs information related to automotive parts business both inside and outside country; so that, every member is aware of a movement in the automotive parts industry.
Thai Auto Parts Aftermarket Association
No. 228 Road, Ban Bat Pomprab Worachak Road. Bangkok 10100 Thailand